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Baby in Green

UV Mini Sterilizer Baby Pacifier

UV Mini Sterilizer Baby Pacifier

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UV Mini Sterilizer Baby Pacifier


1. 99.99% Sterilization: Using U-V-C led (U-V-C led) can sterilize 99.99% bacteria on nipples and baby bottle nipples in 180 seconds.

2. Safe for Children: Kill most common household bacteria, when open the lid, the child-safe UV light will automatically turn off, fully enclosed dustproof, zero ultraviolet leakage.

3. USB power supply, flexible charging.

4. Mirror reflection design, 4 mercury-free lamp beads,360-degree comprehensive anti-virus;

5. Easy to Carry: Compact and portable, easy to carry for disinfection and sterilization.

6. Multiple Purpose: Suitable for all types of pacifiers, baby bottles, and toothbrushes.

7. UV Mini Sterilizer Baby Pacifier is suitable for baby products, adult and children's personal clothing, jewellery, beauty tools, and mobile phones.


Material: ABS+ food grade silicone tape
Power: USB
Input voltage: DC5V
Disinfection method: LED ultraviolet disinfection
Product features: digital display
Disinfection time:180S
LED light source: 4pcs UV3535LED UVA+UVC
LED wavelength: UVC260-280nm, UVA395-400nm
Lithium battery capacity: 500mA
Size: 90*90*72mm

Available in two different colors: Pink and White 

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