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Baby in Green

Silicone Kids Bib Waterproof

Silicone Kids Bib Waterproof

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Soft Silicone Kids Bib Waterproof New-born Cartoon Animals 


✅ Our product is selected environmentally friendly silicone materials, reject BPA, silicone can bite with peace of mind and tastelessness, and eat snacks in the baby's snack store.
✅ Wide shoulder strap design, light and stress-free, scientifically disperse weight, weight 80g, refuse to wear bulky, comfortable without feeling, only the weight of an egg.
✅ Water-proof, oil-proof and anti-fouling. Wipe clean as new, one-piece moulding process, without fear of any stains, can be clean as new.
✅ It is soft and foldable, which does not take up much space. It is compact and does not leave marks after deformation.
✅ Soft and stylish, soft material, the curve fits the baby's body, so you can easily hold the food and avoid soiling your baby's clothing.                                                                                                        

Type: Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green, Grey
Size: 32*23cm/12.59*9.06in
Material: Silicone
Weight: 80g

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