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Safe Non-toxic Newborn Footprints/Handprint

Safe Non-toxic Newborn Footprints/Handprint

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Safe Non-toxic Newborn Footprints/Handprint

Safe Non-toxic Newborn Baby Footprints Handprint No Touch Skin Inkless. Create the PERFECT token of love with our baby footprint kit that features a special CLEAN-TOUCH SYSTEM, allowing you to take beautiful prints without the ink touching their delicate hands/feet or getting in between the toes or feet. It can also be used for our little pets. 

1. Material technology: high tech anti-cross-infection, one-time printing pad, baby's hands, and feet do not need to contact ink to get clear hand and footprints, no safety risks, zero pollution.
2. It is produced by special technology, with clear and true printing and long-term preservation.
3. It can effectively prevent the stimulation of lead and chemicals and prevent the transmission of virus cross-infection. It is a really safe and practical baby hand and footprint pad.

How to use it:

EASY NEWBORN FOOTPRINT KIT – Simply prepare an uncoated paper (not included) for the newborn footprint/handprint, place footprint ink pad ink side down on the sheet, gently press baby’s hand/foot or pet’s paw on the ink-free side of footprint for the baby pad, remove hand/foot/paw from the baby girl keepsake pad, and let dry – SMUDGE-FREE, FAST-DRYING & FADEPROOF!

What is included in the package?

1 X Ink Pad
2 X Papers

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