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Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Ergonomic Baby Carrier

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Ergonomic Baby Carrier

1. Suiting a long age period of baby, from 4 months to 36 months, from when baby learned to sit to baby walking.

2. Wearing this product is comfortable as a kangaroo mama, with no tiring and stressing. When the baby is sitting in it has a wide view and feels safer, just like a baby kangaroo in a mama kangaroo's pocket.

3. Multiple using ways allowing you to free your hands while carrying a baby. Even after the baby learned to walk you can also use the stool when the baby needs your hugs and holds.

4. Suitable for every condition, even stairs and outdoors climbing mountains.

5. The X-Cross Shoulder strap design allows stress to even out between shoulders and waist, minimizing stress on the back and abdomen.  

6. Hip seat unique structured bucket seat ergonomically, the dotted seat surface gives the baby a better grip. 

7. Soft cotton 6 in 1 safety.

8. Ergonomically designed: with a 30-degree slope, this baby carrier allows the baby to be in a natural sitting position all the time. 

9. Maintain "M" shape seated position: The M shape seated position allows for a straighter spine for your baby, and also keeps their hips in a healthy position. 


The Ergonomic Baby Carrier can be used in 3 different ways. 

1. Used with a single seat

2. Use with shoulder strap and waist tool

3. Use with shoulder strap, waist tool, and front cover. 


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